How and Why You Should Add SSL to Your Author Website

This is is part two of our series covering tips and tricks on setting up your own author website.  You can read part one of the series here: How to Increase Book Sales with Your Own Author Website – Part 1 To recap, in part one we covered the basics such as choosing and registering … Read more

How to Increase Book Sales with Your Own Author Website

If you haven’t started a dedicated author website yet, you will want to do so soon to increase your overall book sales, gain credibility and let readers know where your “home base” is online. From your website you can then link to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Medium, Pinterest and other platforms. You may think a … Read more

How to Launch Your Book into Space

If you’re looking for a unique promotion idea to help your book stand out from the crowd, read on. A little creativity may be all you need. (Want to Launch YOUR Book into Space?  Contact Kevin McGill directly for more information and current launch schedule) Some time ago I ran across a video of author … Read more

Send Your Author Name to the Planet Mars

If you would like to immortalize your author name (real or pen name), now is your chance to send your name to the planet Mars, courtesy of NASA’S Mars 2020 Rover. The Mars 2020 rover has a launch window of July 17 – August 5, 2010.  You need to submit your name by September 30, … Read more

eBook Submission Sites – Updated January 2019

We are currently working on this list of ebook submission sites where you can promote your free, bargain and regular priced ebooks. Currently we have 267 websites and promotion services. Some will consider posting your ebook for free, others may require payment to be listed. It will take some time for us to go through … Read more

How Do You Make Your eBook Permafree on Amazon?

On Amazon, “Permafree” means exactly what you think – permanently free.  Authors do this occasionally to give away one of their titles with the hope that it will help promote their other books, so making your ebook permafree sometimes can bring nice, long term sales other related titles. So, How Do You Make Your eBook … Read more