Lev Mikulitski

Lev Mikulitski

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A strategist of the game called Life; Lev Mikulitski is a serial tech entrepreneur, an Author, and a dedicated father of three children.

Lev Mikulitski is a seasoned Strategic Planner, Growth Expert, and serial impact entrepreneur dedicated to shaping a vibrant and innovative future. With extensive hands-on experience in building and transforming businesses, Lev brings a dynamic force of passionate expertise to the table. His inquisitive mind constantly seeks to question and explore, embracing each experience as a stepping stone towards ever-evolving success.

Drawing from a wealth of knowledge, Lev’s managerial insights serve as a treasure trove, empowering individuals and businesses to take proactive steps today for future relevance and prosperity. As a happily married individual and proud parent of three children, Lev’s journey encompasses both professional triumphs and cherished personal achievements.

For more information visit: www.mikulitski.com