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The Anatalian Soldier by Rebecca Mikkelson

Date: 02/24/2024
Liam Fulton wants to see the world beyond the vineyard his parents live and work on. The only option he sees is the Anatalian army. Shortly after he joins, war breaks out, where he discovers...
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Off Limits Alpha Daddy by Josie Hart

Date: 02/23/2024
Booze, boys, and backstage passes. What could go wrong? Turns out, a lot. Jackson Whiss is the living embodiment of a true rock ‘n’ roll bad boy. An alpha who takes what he wants. Demanding....
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Ghost Mortem by Jane Hinchey

Date: 02/22/2024
Whoever said that ghosts exist must be out of their mind. Oh, wait. That was me. I said that. If you’d told me yesterday that ghosts were real I would have smiled, nodded, and called...
Date: 02/22/2024
It’s fair to say we have heard stories about many other categories in the beauty industry—hair stylist, barber, and even fashion designer. Now, through events based on a true story, let's talk about a lash...
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Magical Miri by Debra Kristi

Date: 02/22/2024
They had it wrong when they said with great power comes great responsibility. More like, great power comes with a target on your back. And considering my bloodline is derived from one of the strongest...
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Ruthless Reign by Aleatha Romig

Date: 02/22/2024
I have a secret. I’m not who you think. In this world, where gowns, castles, and crowns make for the perfect reflections, life isn’t always as it appears. Love is elusive, even when the most...
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Date: 02/21/2024
“And Now You Know…The Rest of the Story!” Robert “Bob” Curry returns with another business turnaround story about a manufacturing company, Utah Offroad Manufacturing, owned by a husband and wife. They were over their heads...
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Thin Ice by Lisa Cullen

Date: 02/20/2024
1 hookup 5 years ago + 1 daughter of the coach + 3 star hockey players = happy ending? A one night stand five years ago changed my life forever. My sweet daughter Abigail is...

Maya’s Unbirthday by Eyal Rosen

Date: 02/20/2024
Dive into Maya's Unbirthday, a darkly comedic rollercoaster ride through a night filled with quirky chaos, heartfelt moments, and an ensemble of eccentric characters. This unpredictable adventure is not just a story; it's an exhilarating...
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Brother’s Best Friend by K.C. Crowne

Date: 02/20/2024
My brother's best friend is a fierce underground fighter... And I'm new understudy. In the dark world of underground fights, Women like me are rare victorious warriors. Samuil Nicolaevich haunted my fantasies as a teen....