10 Rules to Succeed Like a Marine – the Hard Price of Success
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It’s Time to Live the Life of Your Dreams
To Smash the Excuses!

Have you ever wondered why some people are living the life of their dreams and others are not? Have you ever thought, “Why them and not me?” Have you wondered how you could get from a fantasy of what your life should look like to living the actual reality of your dream life?

Well, wonder no more friend.
With passion and insight gained from years of personal development and Marine Corps service as a Staff Non-Commissioned Officer, Henry Freidenberger equips you with the practical strategies you need to succeed, including

  • Defining what success is to you
  • Helping you to find your vision, or purpose
  • Providing a detailed roadmap to help you succeed
  • Giving you suggestions to help you customize your own battle plan
  • Real-life examples of how Marines have succeeded on the battlefield and how to use that to fuel your own success
  • Hearing from Marines themselves on what has made them successful
  • And more!

Here is everything you need to fight for your vision, your version of success so you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of. It’s time to turn that vision into reality. It’s time to learn THE 10 RULES TO SUCCEED LIKE A MARINE.