10,000 Bullets, Book 1: Riding With The Dead
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“Night’s heart was beating so hard he could hardly breathe. His thoughts were as chaotic as the reborn outlaw’s demented caprioling. He stared at his hands. These were not normal hands. These hands could change everything.” Night Miller had always been able to see ghosts. But, when a band of vicious desperadoes kidnap his adopted sister and leave him for dead among the wreckage of a massacred wagon train, the young Native American boy discovers another strange power awakening within him: The ability to pull spirits back into the mortal realm. Stranded miles away from any kind of civilization, Night realizes he must use this newfound ability to round up a supernatural posse if he has any hope of rescuing Hannah. A chance meeting with spectral outlaw Byron, former leader of the long-dead 10,000 Bullets Gang, then provides the boy with an opportunity he can’t pass up. Night promises to help Byron and his slain comrades with their unfinished business, if they swear to ride with him in return. Will Night be able to keep his growing crew of wayward souls together long enough to get Hannah back? And how far is he prepared to go for the sake of vengeance? Because the further he pursues those who wronged him across America’s wild landscape, the deeper Night finds himself plunged into a brewing war between terrifying, inhuman factions. One way or another, the boy will need bullets. Lots of bullets.