5D: Star Beings And Earth’s Mystical History
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5D is a profound, intriguing story that unveils the Star Beings and Earth’s mystical history. This book reveals the truth about Extraterrestrials. Who is the Time Lord? What is the Time Stream? Who are the Arcturians, Pleiadeans and Greys? Who is the Dark Lizard? Who gave birth to the Buddha? What really happened at the Roswell Crash in 1947? What is the origin and purpose of Area 51? Absorb the sacred spiritual teachings of the Star Beings. “One of the best self help books and supernatural books on the planet. Mind-blowing. Life-changing.” 5D is the first book in the cosmic TRILOGY comprising: 5D, Star Child, The Tribe. Read my book Atlantis with the cosmic trilogy and create radical self transformation, then proceed to the rest of my 12 personal growth books.