A Brief History of France: Empires, Kings, and Revolutions
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Unearth the incredible story of France – from Celtic pre-history to the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and the modern day.

Authentically written with gripping prose and the latest historical facts, this fascinating book invites you on a journey through the ages to discover the intense, turbulent, and often bloody history of a European juggernaut.

Shedding light on the fascinating world of French culture and politics – from their mysterious Celtic origins to their rise as a Medieval superpower – A Brief History of France provides history buffs and casual readers alike with a gripping exploration into the many twists and turns that this remarkable country endured.

Packed with gritty historical details, readers will uncover the brutal clashes between the Merovingian and Carolingian dynasties, the pivotal role that France played in the Renaissance, and the surprising reasons France was a hotbed for the revolutionary forces that gave birth to their passion for liberty and democracy.

Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:

  • Celtic History & Roman Occupation: How France Became The Pivotal Colony at The Hands of Rome
  • Birth of an Empire: Ancient Feuds, Rising Nobles, & The Birth of French Identity In The Middle Ages
  • An Explosion of Culture: Religion & The Renaissance In Paris & Beyond
  • The Power of Kings: The Fall of Monarchy & The End of an Era
  • Seeds of Revolution: The Surprising Reasons France Became a Bastion of Rebellious Spirit (and The Violence It Left In Is Wake)
  • And Much More...

As a brilliant resource for students, amateur historians, and anybody curious about the major events that shaped French culture from pre-Roman times to the present day, A Brief History of France is an invaluable companion guide that provides a comprehensive and easy-to-digest overview of the major eras of French history.

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