A Low Diving Bird
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A Low Diving Bird by Libby Copa


The Civil War is over, but the hostilities continue to rage. Can she protect her home from the ravages of divided loyalties?

Missouri, 1865. Hester Cain’s world is unraveling. With her father and brother still off waging a guerilla fight against the victorious Union, the quiet young woman tries to keep the three orphans in her charge safe from the local militia’s harassment. And though she has no reason to trust the other side, she shocks herself by opening the door to a wandering Yankee soldier.

Struggling to balance the rejection of her childhood sweetheart and a growing bond with her guest, Hester worries her forceful sibling’s return will only bring trouble and chaos. But when tragedy strikes, the determined survivor fears her found family is about to become the final casualty in a never-ending battle.

Can she knit together a new future for everyone she loves?

A Low Diving Bird is a captivating historical fiction story. If you like complex characters, dark themes, and exploring political issues, then you’ll adore Libby Copa’s provocative look at past trauma.

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