A Portion of Malice
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A Portion of Malice by Lloyd Jeffries

An Ancient Evil Rises. A brazen thriller of God, humanity, and the cost of every choice. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Emery Merrick presses a pistol to his temple. Then there's a knock at the door. Billionaire Thaddeus Drake hires Emery to write his biography. But Drake has a dark secret, and Emery soon discovers he heads an ancient, secret society which aims to fulfill prophecy and sacrifice the Earth to a bloodthirsty God. Deep and emotionally stirring, Emery finds himself plunged into an immortal world of darkness, deceit, and barbarity. This thought-provoking thrill ride chronicles one man’s explosive journey into the apocalypse and one man’s epic quest to confront God as an equal. A captivating odyssey through history and time, A Portion of Malice changes the conversation about spirituality, redemption, and the world in which we live. Consistently compared to works by Stephen King and Dan Brown, A Portion of Malice will blow you away with its controversial plot and surprise twist ending. It’s the first book in the epic series, Ages of Malice. Can a suicidal reporter save humanity…and himself? Don’t miss the epic you won’t soon forget! "This book is exemplary"- Judge, 31st Annual Writer's Digest Self-Published Book Awards Writer's Digest Honorable Mention (Mainstream/Literary Fiction) Eric Hoffer Award Honorable Mention (Spiritual Fiction) Gold Award, Literary Titan (Mystery/Thriller) Silver Award, Readers' Favorite (Religious Fiction) Bronze Award, Reader Views (Thriller/Suspense & Horror) “Simply outstanding” - Midwest Book Review