Abundantly Attractive: Laugh out Loud Romantic Comedy
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An outrageous tale of self-discovery...

Liam Perry wants what every poor boy wants: 
to find a rich wife, so he can lounge at the poolside, sipping cocktails and doing what he’s good at—looking gorgeous.

And after a chance collision with a handsome vet leaves him not totally against the idea of the future Mrs Perry being a rich Mr Perry, a complication arises. In his new barman job, his seductive charms hook the eye of the rich vet’s boyfriend—the bar’s owner—Lawrence Paul. A dark-haired Casanova who’s keen to woo his pants off with champagne and sweet flattery.

But with an empty fridge, and rent to pay, Liam can’t afford to lose another job. And with bats, cats, rats, and reindeer trying to ruin his happily ever after, he needs to decide... 
how much is love truly worth?