Adrian: A Mafia Dark Romance (Secrets – An Enemies to Lovers Adult Romance Series Book 5)
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An island getaway, a kidnapping, and a brothel auction. Some vacation this turned out to be... Living a simple country life was never my long-term plan. When my friends invited me to go on a vacation of a lifetime, I didn’t know I would end up in an Eastern European country auctioned off to the highest bidder. Adrian Zalar’s muscular build and fiery brown eyes caught my attention as soon as he entered the room. He is the buyer and I am the merchandise for his brothel. The desire in his eyes and the bulge in his pants tell me he wants me. Adrian’s job is to send me to the brothel, but I’m his dirty little secret and he locks me away for his primal urges. It’s only a matter of time before his family finds out about me, and when they do, we are both dead. Book 5 in the Secrets Series. Opposites attract in this fast-paced dark romance thriller filled with suspense and high steam. No cliffhanger, and no cheating. Guaranteed HEA! Triggers: Violence and forced proximity