Alex in Wonderland
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Alex in Wonderland by Max Monroe


He’s the kind of man who makes bad look good—and she’s the kind of naïve woman he shouldn’t get involved with.

Together, they’re fire.

I’m Matt Hadder.

I’ve been called ruthless, savage—even brutal—by the men and women who work for me, and I’ve earned my reputation.

Wonderland Inc., a party planning organization for every major player in the world, is Oz, and I am its Wizard. I can make anything that can get you high, happy, or connected appear for a night and disappear without a trace of evidence.

People in some circles call me evil, but I’m not good or bad—I’m essential.

Wonderland Inc. is my life—or it was until a beautiful contradiction of innocence and impurity, obedience and rebelliousness named Alex Little stepped in and turned both of our worlds upside down.

I sure hope she can handle everything my lifestyle has to offer without ruining the delicacy of her siren’s call.

Welcome to Wonderland, Alex.

A place where everything appears normal.

But we’re all mad.