Be Not Afraid

Be Not Afraid by Aj Saxsma

"Utterly mesmerizing..." - "Beautifully written...cathartic and entertaining." - "A highly accomplished work of dark and resonant modern drama." - The small Midwestern town of Larton shelters Lloyd, prideful owner of a failing restaurant. Dragging his dead business along, day by day, he yearns for fortune’s favor but refuses to yield control. Enter a business guru, offering a turnaround! Toby, Lloyd's son, seeks conformity compulsively, burying his inner self deep within, day by day. Desperate to fade into obscurity, he enrolls in a program promising to obliterate his true self. Meanwhile, Dawn, Lloyd's wife, seeks solace in a church with love for sale. Lost in her family's shadows, she embraces a new identity amidst the trade of commodified love. As they each strive to escape their truths, the chasms they create around themselves deepen and, one by one, swallow the people they care about most. 'Be Not Afraid' explores identity, family, the destructive paradox of denial & questions our capacity to accept what we cannot change with a distinct strength in voice.