Bee Tornado
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Bee Tornado by Chris Sorensen

From the author of THE NIGHTMARE ROOM and SUCKERVILLE...

Derek Stratton, a widowed storm chaser and huckster, is doing his best to support his daughter. Their lives take a dangerous turn when a colossal tornado releases a swarm of prehistoric bees from the Colorado soil, plunging them into a fight for survival. Derek finds an unexpected partnership with an eccentric bee expert and his sister-in-law, a local cop. Together, they embark on a harrowing race against the clock to rescue Derek’s child from the Bee Tornado.

“For a creature feature about swirling clouds of giant bees, I was struck by how moving it was. A highly inventive backstory about loss and responsibility is woven into the plot, and the protagonist must conquer his own demons, even as he battles a virtual tornado of killer bees the size of chihuahuas. The novel is teeming with bigger-than-life characters, action-packed mayhem, and loads of humor. I predict a lot of buzz for this book!” - Nick Sullivan, author of Zombie Bigfoot

“You can just imagine Sorensen smiling and cackling with glee each time he impales some dimwitted human upon a massive, flesh-melting stinger, if only because you’re smiling right along with him.” - Michael Patrick Hicks, author of Mass Hysteria

“Filled with heart, pulse-pounding moments, and plenty of pulpy carnage, Sorensen's Bee Tornado takes readers back to the glory days of 80s horror!” - Steve Stred, 2X Splatterpunk-Nominated author of Mastodon and Churn the Soil