Billionaire Bliss: An African American Urban Fiction Billionaire Romance Standalone

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Liz Green is just about done with relationships. Coming off of a five-year relationship that ended in a mutual split, she still feels she needs time to herself to focus on what is the utmost important to her . . . being happy once again.

But Liz has no idea just how much her life is going to change when she meets Jeff Vick, a man she never thought in a million years she would meet who is looking for love, and this is the start of a whole new world for her she never thought she would be in, and a world some don’t think she belongs in.

She also notices a pattern with Jeff when it comes to getting certain phone calls and texts, and it’s not a pattern she likes at all. But it’s not long before she starts receiving some unexplained texts of her own from someone who is trying whatever they can to sabotage what she and Jeff are building on their road to ultimate happiness.