Billionaire’s Naughty Nanny:  An Age Gap Surprise Pregnancy Romance
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Alex Osborne is a billionaire single dad, and I’ve just become his naughty nanny. Alex is the opportunity of a lifetime. Being a nanny for his three-year-old means saving my business, and I’m ready to do anything to make that happen. I quickly find myself watching more than just his little girl. I catch a glimpse of him getting out of the shower. When his towel accidentally falls to the ground, I get an eyeful of his package, and oh, what a package it is. Not long after, all our clothes are hitting the floor. We’re both in way too deep, and I’m living out a forbidden fantasy with my boss. But trouble is brewing with a vengeful ex. Her shenanigans make me sick to my stomach, but there’s another reason I have nausea out of nowhere. Now I need to figure out how to drop the bomb that he's in for daddy duty, round two.