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Blade by Amanda Mackey

Blade: You ever do something so stupid you regret it immediately after? It tilts your world so far off its already skewed axis, there’s no coming back from it. That’s me. The moment my lips left Olivia Banks; I knew it was a mistake. I knew she was a mistake. The sassy blonde goddess with invisible tentacles, laced in temptation. She’ll remain eye-candy for someone like me. A ruthless killer, forged from evil, with a black heart that bleeds pain. I don’t do weak and I sure as hell don’t do women more than once. I’ll resist her. I will. I must. Olivia: That kiss. It still keeps me up at night. It still leaves a path of tingles up my spine. The moment I locked lips with the devil. A cold-hearted, hostile man, dipped in the finest chocolate, he’s hard to resist. And after one taste, I’m hooked. That’s the thing about addiction. You know it’s bad for you, but you chase the high anyway. And I want more. Even though I know this drug will utterly destroy me.