Blood & Snow: A fast-paced Vampire adventure

The world as we know it has ended…

After a violent war leaves the country in ruin, humans are a dying breed. In their stead, vampires walk freely, crowned kings and queens of the New World. 

Sage Lively should know better than to challenge them. They’re impossibly strong, with senses fifty times sharper than her own. Yet that’s exactly what she finds herself doing. 

With a rare gene called the Tolerance, she’s wanted in order to continue the vampiric lineage, restoring them to full strength. But when she meets Silas, a centuries-old vampire with incurable apathy, Sage finds herself at the centre of a plot that threatens to tear down the New World. 

Silas knows what he wants, and it seems he’ll stop at nothing to get it. When old friends resurface, loyalties are tested, and Sage is forced to confront her own humanity in ways she could never anticipate.

Will Sage survive the fall, or will she end up a victim?