Brother’s Best Friends for Christmas
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Louise wants a baby. We want a family. And this Christmas, we’re giving her both. CARTER I know better than to develop feelings for Louise, but I seem to be stuck in the same lovestruck frenzy as my three best friends. The only solution is sharing the woman who has captured our attention… REN I offer myself up as a donor on Louise’s quest to get pregnant… but I have ulterior motives. My crush on her makes me lose my mind because I would do anything to keep my precious girl happy. ISAAC When I’m assigned a new patient for fertility treatments, I reluctantly accept… but Louise Romain is my best friend’s little sister, and he’s way too protective. Probably because he knows how much I want his stunning, curvy sister in my bed… DYLAN I’ve been taking care of adorable Louise’s sweet dog, but there’s a lot more I want from the gorgeous girl. Little does Louise know, her pooch is an excuse so I can spend more time with her.