Captivated by the Lyon (The Lyon’s Den)
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A man searching for the truth, and a woman afraid to reveal it, cross paths in the middle of the notorious Lyon’s Den!

A year after his brother Adam, the former Viscount Moreland’s untimely death, Edmund Broadbank is still searching for clues to unravel the identity of the mysterious woman who arrived at Templeton House the day after his brother died.

Adelaide Fernside assumes the role of mother to her younger sister when their parents die in a tragic accident. Her sister craves being the center of attention and succumbs to the lure of the stage, only to return home when she becomes pregnant.

Unable to resist the glitter of her former life, Lily leaves her babe behind. Addy had not planned on assuming the care of her infant nephew but becomes mother to her sister’s child. When word reaches her that someone has been asking questions about Adam in the village, she realizes she needs the protection of a husband.

In a bold move, she dons the guise of a widow and travels to London with Adam, to seek the aid of Mrs. Dove-Lyon in finding a husband. Her nephew deserves to have a father, even if Addy never planned to marry.

Elated to receive word the woman rumored to have had a liaison with his brother Adam has been seen entering the Lyon’s Den, Edmund Broadbank pays a visit to Mrs. Dove-Lyon.

Neither Addy, nor Edmund realize that Mrs. Dove-Lyon has hatched a plan of her own—to match the two of them!