Caught In The Vortex: Longevity Universe Book 1

"Now I know who is pulling the strings, who twisted my life into a nightmare and made me a pawn in a conflict threatening the universe."

After escaping Earth and humanity's self-imposed destruction, Cockroach has buried the past for a brighter future. A new home and working for the prestigious, all-powerful longevity industry are the base for a peaceful existence. However, darkness looms behind the light, and a threat casts its shadow. When an attack against the industrial empire occurs, a long-forgotten ghost emerges, shattering the well-constructed serenity.

Being marked the prime suspect, a desperate Cockroach flees from authorities while battling inner demons and looming demise. The support from an unexpected source gives rise to hope and might present salvation. But nothing is as it seems, and when bitter insights reveal themselves, the human mechanic must find the strength to face the truth and fight.

Caught In The Vortex is the engaging first book in the Longevity Universe, a trilogy of adventurous Sci-Fi novels. If you enjoy unlikely heroes, blurred lines between good vs evil, and emotional struggles, this imaginative roller coaster ride is for you.