Challenging The Story: A Surprisingly Simple Approach to Supporting Children with Challenging Behaviours
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Supporting kids with challenging behaviours can be difficult – but change the narrative, and you may be surprised. Most children will behave in challenging ways at some point, but persistent and difficult-to-deal-with behaviours can have a negative impact on relationships and learning. Written as an educational fable, real life examples are seamlessly woven into the storyline, making the learning fun and engaging for parents, teachers and professional alike. For educators, health professionals and caregivers who find traditional methods of behaviour management ineffective, Challenging The Story offers a fresh perspective and actionable strategies for positive change. Read this book to: • Approach challenging behaviours with curiosity and compassion • Apply innovative, proven strategies to encourage positive behaviour while treating kids with respect and kindness • Build strong bonds with children and create an environment of trust and mutual respect • Improve your skills in dealing with difficult behaviours in a variety of scenarios • Guide children towards significant, lasting change and a new, more positive narrative for a brighter future