Cherished by the Agent (In Clear Sight Book 2)

 "The heat and chemistry between them was palpable. It took my emotions on a rollercoaster ride that I didn't want to get off." - Bookaholic Sisters Book Blog

When the US marshals need my guest house to hide a witness I'm eager for the break from my monotonous life.
I can't know anything about him or why he entered witness protection, though that doesn't stop the immediate attraction to the mysterious man.
We couldn't be more opposite, but our chemistry is addictive, leaving sparks of fire in its wake.
Hard body covered in tattoos, soul-piercing blue eyes, and a filthy mouth, he's everything I've fantasized about but never had.

I know getting involved with him is reckless, and so does he.
More than our hearts are on the line.
Because danger never stays gone forever.