Closed Campus: A First-Person Zombie Experience (Jane Zombie Chronicles Book 1)
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Flesh-eating zombies on campus. A virus gone wild. Do I stand a chance against the undead?

My name is Jane, and tonight is my first night on the air.

I’m looking forward to my isolated night shifts at the school radio station. It's the only place I can escape the bullies and quiet my anxiety. When rumors spread of a viral epidemic ripping through the wintery campus, I’m happy to be safe in the snug studio. But after communications go down and the infected break into the station, my peace turns into panic.

Fearing for my life, my only path of escape runs through the dark, snow-covered campus. But it may be too late to escape the gaping jaws of the walking dead. Will I be able to fight off the zombies and outrun the apocalypse, or will flesh-eating terrors teach me a deadly final lesson?

The Blair Witch Project meets The Walking Dead in this hair-raising apocalyptic tale seen through the eyes of a feisty female heroine.