Colin Calls the Help Desk
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Colin Calls the Help Desk by Elwood Scott


Colin Calls the Help Desk is a hilarious and relatable take on the absurdities of office life.

Follow Colin the Koala as he dives into his first job and meets Graham, a cynical 20 year employee who is just ‘hanging out for redundancy’, Bob - his continually disorganised boss and Brenda, who seems to spend most of her day telling everyone how busy she is.

Colin’s job comes complete with a series of mandatory workshops to identify why people think there’s too many meetings, conflicting "work smarter" initiatives, and an IT Help(?) Desk who want to email Colin the login details to access his computer.

A brief Colin the Koala FAQ
Q. I notice there's a koala on the cover. Is this a book for kids?
A. Not if you ever want them to get a job. Colin Calls the Help Desk is a satirical look at the absurdity of working in an office. Our hero just happens to be a positive and perhaps slightly naïve koala.

Q. So - 
The Koala – isn't a nickname? Like Jimmy the Finch, Nikki the Llama or Oblong Doug?
A. Nope. Colin the Koala is actually a Koala.

Q. But aren’t koalas generally naked, drunk and spend all their time sleeping or catching Chlamydia?
A. No, you’re thinking of Bryan from Accounting. Colin wears a suit, is sober, a little naïve and excited to lean-in, add value and grab the low hanging fruit.

Full of relatable themes and unforgettable characters, Colin Calls the Help Desk is a must-read for anyone who has ever found themselves immersed in the madness called the corporate world.