Come Home to Love : Friendship, Love and Second Chances (Sunshine Bay)
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Susan never expected to feel this way, but as the years stretch ahead of her, she can't help but wonder...
Should she stay in a stale marriage with a man she no longer trusts? Or should she leave and face life on her own terms?

Susan McNeil has a list of unfinished dreams-some small, some larger - and she has decisions to make. Should she stay with her husband Richard - the man she built her life with, but no longer trusts - or should she step out on her own and do all the things she's always wanted to do?

And what should she do about the attractive, newly divorced Sid Jones, who wants to rekindle their former love? The same Sid Jones who makes her heart beat a little faster whenever he's around.

Richard regrets the secrets he’s been keeping from Susan, and now he’s stuck in Mexico with his brother. When he learns Susan is spending time with Sid, he knows he has to get home and make things right or lose her forever. But how? And is he too late?

Will Susan choose life without him? Or will Richard come home to love?

If you like a story of Friendship, Love, and Second Chances in the Second Half of Life, this one is for you.

Come Home to Love is the second book in the Sunshine Bay Series featuring Angel the Cat.
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What readers have said:

" The more I read this book, the more I liked it. It was a really good romance of an older couple nearing retirement.”

“Absolutely wonderful book! All about the difficulty of juggling life and marriage and the importance of communication! Totally believable scenarios and relatable characters with a down to earth storyline that that keeps you involved from the first page! I loved it!”

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