Coming Home: Humorous and Heartwarming Small-town romance (Sisters in a Small Town Book 1)
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Loving your sisters is easy. Liking them is impossible.

“Holly Kerr has done a beautiful job of crafting a family with real relationships--an absolute delight to read.”

The last thing Brenna wants is to go home, but losing her job and her home because of a cheating husband leaves her no choice.

Home means the small town where everyone knows her business and thinks they know best.
Including her sisters.

Home means every part of her past and present will be picked apart and this time, sexy newcomer Joss Ryan will be in the front row to hear everything about the old Brenna.

The last thing Cat wants is for Brenna to come home.

Brenna coming home means playing second fiddle to her sister, and this time their back under the same roof. The ghost of their mother is a much better roommate than her sister.

But Cat’s real worry is that she’s about to lose the love of Seamus Todd, her sister’s ex.

When the family home is threatened, can Brenna and Cat stop the fighting to save it?

Humorous and heartwarming small town romance, Coming Home is the first in the Sisters in a Small Town series about the Skatt sisters and the men who love them.

A perfect read if you have a sister, or always wanted one.