Condemnation (Substation 7: Book 1)
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Her world is a lie, and that lie wants her dead. As a student of the prestigious Royal Academy, Clare's work on automatons needs to not only impress her professors, but also honor the legacy of her late mother - who wrote the book on humanity's mechanized companions. Clare discovers a hidden recording at home that reveals an inconvenient truth, and now she believes there's a chance her mother could be alive. This means the police lied to her about her mother's fate... but why? There's only one way to find out. Sneaking underground into the forbidden substation system, Clare does find something: It has intelligence. It hunts. It will KILL if it gets to her, and she's just run straight into its jaws. She learns immediately why no runaways have come back up from the sewers... Clare finds a perfect copy of her walled-off city, and something's wrong; something's very wrong. If you love thrillers, dystopian settings, or just the kinds of chills that keep their nails in you even after you've put it down, look no further. Welcome to Substation 7. SUBSTATION 7: AN ARCANEPUNK DYSTOPIA THRILLER SERIES BOOK 1: CONDEMNATION BOOK 2: LIBERATION ( ) BOOK 3: RECLAMATION ( ) BOOK 4: EMANCIPATION ( )