Corrupted Moons (Moonlight in Glenwood Book 2)

Return to Glenwood! Corrupted Moons is the second book in the Moonlight in Glenwood series by creative duo Lita Hunt & Aynsley J. Fraser.

Evie and Laika have been chasing down leads to find the Glenwood Anarchist. But after nearly two months, the supernatural task force MOONS is no closer to stopping the magical attacks than before. Instead, the pool of suspects keeps growing...

The Night Claw pack may have found a connection between the previous attacks. However, information is hard to come by, and their sources aren’t exactly conventional. Tensions are starting to rise between Evie and Laika as they struggle to agree. Especially as signs start to point toward someone close to the pack.

Can Evie and Laika trust their fellow moonlighters, or will this become a witch hunt?


Corrupted Moons is an action-packed adventure, following two strong heroines and a diverse supporting cast into the supernatural world of Glenwood.