Daddy Undercover (The Forbidden Attraction)
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Maeve trusts me with every fiber of her being, but I’m being forced to keep a huge secret from her. 

I never could have guessed that she’s the woman for me. 

And most certainly not when I was signing up for the job. 

Being undercover for the FBI means that I have to use her to get what I want. 

Her brother is a dangerous man. 

And Maeve? 

She’s innocent. It’s what draws me to her. 

My instinctual need to protect her is coming in the way of my job. 

She makes my heart throb against my chest, but I have to get her out of my head. 

It’s only a matter of time until everything is destroyed, and she finds out what I’ve been hiding… 

But what happens when I discover her little secret?