Daddy’s Best Friend (Daddy Knows Best Book 5)
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As if my parents weren’t mad enough at me for dating an older guy… 

I found another one. 

This time… he was my dad’s best friend! 

And this time, I loved him. 

My ex was abusive to say the least. 

He tormented me until I was able to find the courage to leave. 

Christopher helped me rebuild my life when no one else showed up. 

He became my everything. 

My hope, my heart… and my desire. 

He taught me things about life and even some things in the bedroom. 

I owed him. 

But I couldn’t believe how far he was willing to go to protect me from my ex. 

Despite our obsession, the odds were against us. 

The entire world was against us. 

Was our love strong enough to win the fight?