Dante: Colorado Crush Hockey Series (Book 3)


I’m the captain of a professional hockey team with crazy endorsements and the League’s best and hardest slapshot, but I never forgot the girl who held my heart. Sadie. Unfortunately, tragedy struck and I had to leave her behind to raise my little sister and make my mark in the League. I’ve tried to find her but she’s nowhere and I do mean nowhere.

Now I’m working hard and playing hard, teaching the kids attending the 
Fun4Summer Youth Hockey camp. There’s one little guy who is a natural and we’re working together like a team. That is, until his mom comes in. I bet by now you’ve guessed who she is. Sadie. MY Sadie. Did you guess something else?

Yep. This little guy is my son. My son!

Am I angry? Yes.

Am I gonna get over it? You bet your a$$ I am.

I want a family. MY family. And I’ll pull out all the stops to get my way.

Dante is the third book in the Colorado Crush hockey romance series. This second chance, secret baby romance is filled with steam, zero cheating, and dad jokes that will make you smile (or at the very least, groan).