Dark Tales from Dreamdale #3. You Can’t Scare Mare!
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Arden Wonder released his best friend, Happy Buckets, into the wild with the other Nether Shape-shifters. Now Arden discovers a new threat invading his worst nightmares. It appears a sleeping demon awakens from its cursed slumber. It wants to slay Arden and his friends, once and for all. But Arden isn’t going to let that happen. It won’t be easy scaring Mare the dream demon, because he is fearless. Arden wants to discover the monster’s weakness before it attacks him and everybody he loves. But getting to know the dream monster is going to be very dangerous. Arden, his brother, and best friends must prepare for a rude awakening. Arden must be careful when dealing with such a pest. Because if Arden doesn’t watch out, Mare will finish him and his brother and friends off, so fast, they won’t know how to defend themselves!