Depraved (The Devil’s Due Book 1)
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Smoke and mirrors. A web of lies. He’s come for the devil’s ultimate prize.

J.D. Wilder strides into my hotel bringing the dark musky scent of sin with him. Arrogant and powerful, he's the president's eldest son. Even after all these years, I can still taste him on my lips. But when he speaks, there’s not a glimmer of the boy I once loved.

He struck a deal with my parents. That’s what he claims. Loaned my mother the money she desperately needs to stay alive. Now he’s here to collect.

What does he want?
The one thing I will never give him.

Depraved is the first book in JD and Gabrielle’s story. Their story concludes in the second book of the series, Delivered, which is available now.

Praise for Depraved
“Depraved is absolutely the best book I have read this year!! Eva Charles has given us a suspenseful and romantic story that is filled with family secrets, lies and deceptions.” ★★★★★ -Lisa, Amazon Reviewer
“I am so in love with JD, I am craving more of this alpha male! He's dark and dangerous, oozes power and control, he's fierce and intense and his dominating ways will have your body temperature rising!” ★★★★★-Danielle, Books Obsessive
“Readers can count on being pulled in and held captive... It's the best kind of torture.” ★★★★★ -Corrie, Lamplight Review and Promotion.
“Intriguing, well-written, hot as hell…” ★★★★★-Lisa Hines, Amazon Reviewer
“I loved this book!! He is a delicious Alpha male, but I really enjoyed him in his more vulnerable moments.” ★★★★★ -Stacey, Romancing Reading Diva
“What a wild ride. Loved every second of book one! Five Smoldering Stars on this one!” ★★★★★-Julie, Amazon Reviewer
“I read both Depraved and Delivered this weekend—TWICE!” ★★★★★ –Amazon Customer
“The intrigue, the mysteries, the heat, and even the sweet moments are blended in perfect proportion.” ★★★★★-Laurie K., Amazon Reviewer
“The end was jaw dropping…” ★★★★★ -Rebecca A., Amazon Reviewer
“Even days after finishing this book, I’m seriously suffering from a book hangover" ★★★★★-Danielle R., Spellbound Stories
“The push and pull between J.D. and Gabrielle is intoxicating.” ★★★★★-Janine, The World Was Hers For the Reading
“Brilliant story line that captures your attention and does not let go…” ★★★★★ -Kathy, Cajun Heat Book Blog
“I trust no one!!” ★★★★★ -Melissa, Book Addicts Review
“The writing is fabulous, and I was utterly captivated from the very beginning."★★★★★-Rachel, Behind Closed Doors Book Review
“Be prepared because JD is the broodiest, sexiest bastard I have ever met and when he turns on the charm you will melt! I’m still a muddled mess!”★★★★★-Patricia, Words We Love By
“The characters had so much chemistry it's almost unbearable. I had to read this book a couple of times, I truly loved it that much.” ★★★★★-Vanessa, Sassy Southern Book Blog
“Sweet baby Jesus this book is something amazing and then some! I loved the main characters... The chemistry they share is amazing and something you don't see often.” ★★★★★-Tee, Amazon Reviewer
“Eva Charles masterfully threw in twists and turns that I wasn't expecting. Even now, I'm still thinking about certain scenes, playing them over and over in my head. Wow! ★★★★★-Amy, Amazon Reviewer
“The twists, OMG the twists are insane! I'm still dropping f-bombs long after I finished. ★★★★★-Jennifer, Goodreads
“It's hard to even get 4 stars from me, 5 stars are for rare finds....and I would be willing to give 10 stars if I could...this book is that good. I couldn't put it down.” ★★★★★-Jennifer H. , Goodreads