Desert Storm Warning
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Desert Storm Warning by M.L. Yost

Katherine McKenna’s red-eye flight to Dubai is off to a rocky start before the plane leaves the ground. Yet it’s the salty storm of subterfuge prepared to reign upon her landing that warns of the desert’s true threat. A dangerous accelerant to her chronic insomnia, Katherine’s jetlag further compromises her safety and judgment, but her Middle Eastern second family has her back. When a quondam ghost is suspected of colluding with the 'family' who should be protecting her, the suspicion that past sins have returned to haunt protagonist and antagonist alike remains shrouded. For Dr Jon Markston, the energy spent to pursue the evolving leads to his stolen microchip is rivaled only by his pursuit of Katherine’s heart. Despite the miles temporarily between them, the couple remotely engages in a rail of provocative banter, but their inaugural virtual date leaves the professor blindsided by a dangerous revelation—a common intersection. Now aware of the grave danger Katherine is in, Jon diverts all resources to ensure his UK reinforcements keep her safe, yet must keep his involvement in the situation a secret from Katherine. Tragically, Jon’s clandestine scheme to remotely exorcise Katherine's possessive ghost inadvertently exhumes another long-buried body. Now the romance and the redemption dangled in Conflict of Intrigues could be irrevocably derailed.