Devilish Prince
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Devilish Prince by Lydia Hall

I was forced to save his life, but it was my decision to give the mafia prince my heart. Lorenzo fell in love with me after I was kidnapped to secretly operate on him. It was terrifying, but the thought of death was even more unacceptable. I had to stay alive for my sick brother. But now, I have a real shot at saving him. Lorenzo’s father has proposed a fake relationship that seems crazy to me. Publicly dating Lorenzo would benefit the crime family. In return, I would succeed as a trauma surgeon and save the future of my hospital. The plan was perfect on paper. But Lorenzo was the opposite of that. He was older, dangerous, and played tricks on my mind. Yet, my heart longed for him like it never had for anyone else. Lorenzo could have my love, but my trust was off-limits. Especially after he broke every rule in the book, doing the unthinkable that we could never come back from…