Divested: Cristal (The Divested BWWM Romance Standalone Series)
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Beautiful image consultant Cristal Sparks has decided to open up her dating options like never before since she feels she’s going nowhere in her dating life, but not everyone is on board with her decision and they let her know it, especially one of her best friends as well as a gossip social media channel. But there is another social media channel that is all for Cristal’s decision, and the two of these channels rise in popularity for their contrasting opinions.


But regardless of anyone’s opinions, Cristal is undeterred in her journey and meets a man she thought she’d never meet, and it shocks her friends, her community, and everyone else who wants to meddle in her personal dating life because of who this man is and what he does for a living, which puts her at a celebrity-like status.

She soon realizes that divesting becomes much bigger than she ever thought possible, and she has no idea what’s she’s in for when it comes to her new love interest in more ways than one.


It will be a journey of several firsts, new experiences, new possibilities, and true colors will be revealed. But most of all, it will be a first-time journey she will never forget . . . . 


But will it make or break herimage?


The Divested series is standalone series which features women on their divesting journeys, so the books don’t have to be read in order.