Double Axel or Nothing
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Double Axel or Nothing by Anita Saxena


Twelve-year-old Ruby Rani longs to be the next U.S. Figure Skating National Champion like her idols Michelle Kwan and Alyssa Liu. Most ladies that reach this elite level of skating can do triple jumps by the time they are thirteen years old. Ruby Rani turns thirteen in less than a month, and she can’t even land a double axel—a jump she's been failing at for the past seventeen months. If she can’t do a double axel by the end of the summer, her coach won't allow her to compete at the Regional Championships. Without Regionals there's no hope of making it to Nationals. It doesn’t help that a voice in her head keeps telling her she can’t do it. To make matters worse, her parents seem indifferent about her ambitions. They only care about her brother, Dillon, making a perfect score on the ACT, and their busy dental practice. Is it possible to achieve a dream when no one believes in you?