Dracones Awakening: Immortal Dragon, Wolf, Witch, Vampire, Cursed & Hunted Book 1
“A book that will stay with you.”-Sherrilyn Kenyon Her father's missing...her dragon powers are awakening... ... and Jax refuses to believe they're soul mates. As Tierney searches for her dad and struggles with her new abilities—secrets and lies are revealed, and the man she loves abandons her. Jax The battle to control the beast beneath his skin paralyzes him with dread. What if he hurts someone innocent, like Tierney? He’s not worthy of her, but when a monster surfaces—one so vile it makes Jax see red—he does what he believes is the only thing that'll keep Tierney safe. But is it? Get it now because time is running out to feel your savage heart soar. This steamy romance isn't just a dragon shifter story but an emotional adventure that’ll leave you breathless.