Draegan Heir: The Dragons’ Clan Book 1
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Devoted husband: check.

Three perfect children: check.

Superhuman powers and dragons: check.

Loreli Draegan has married into The Clan, a wealthy and peculiar family. Unknown to her, they have been tasked with safeguarding dragons since the beginning of time. She is destined to produce an heir of extraordinarily strong Gifts, which she does, times three. Then she finds out she has powers The Clan calls Gifts.

But The Clan has many enemies and not all of them are outside the family. When she suffers a tragic betrayal that costs her greatly, she vows to make those responsible pay. If she is to survive, she must embrace her inner warrior—but who can she trust? Even with a dragon to call her own, is she out of her league?

Read now and immerse yourself in this exciting action-packed story of love and deceit. Featuring a light female lead romance, this epic fantasy is chock-full of shape-shifting dragons, psychic powers, and humans with supernatural abilities. Read book 1 today!