Edie in Love: Would that I Could (Book 1)
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Her family thinks he’s too weak. His family thinks she’s too poor. Can they bushwhack a path to happily ever after?

Edith Carow, star pupil at Miss Comstock’s School for Young Ladies, has a lot to write about in her diary—her father’s a drunk, no one in her family but her can manage a budget, and she’s in love with her best friend’s brother, Theo Roosevelt.

Until now, Edie never questioned that she would marry Theo and live out her days with her true love. But when her grandfather, the primary benefactor of her family, threatens to stop supporting them if she ever marries a Roosevelt, she’s torn. Should she follow her heart toward love or her head toward security?

With her eighteenth birthday looming ever closer and her friends fending off marriage proposals left and right, Edie must face the pressures of womanhood in the 1870s, find a way to care for her family, and maybe even be happy.

Based on the true story of Theodore Roosevelt II’s second wife, Would that I Could is the first book in the Edie in Love trilogy. If you like turn-of-the-century historical fiction and Nesselrode pie, you’ll love Edie’s journey toward becoming a modern woman. Buy Would that I Could and jump into the adventure today!