Everbeach: The Complete YA Romantic Suspense Mystery Series
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Everbeach: The Complete YA Romantic Suspense Mystery Series by Sorboni Banerjee and Dominique Richardson

Discover the captivating world of Everbeach in this complete series collection, where Riverdale meets fairytale in an edgy, seductive twist on familiar stories. Join Penny, Raven, Aarya, Dawn, Elle, and their friends as they navigate a treacherous web of secrets, deception, and danger. In "Red As Blood," follow the gripping journey to find Penny, a disappearance shrouded in mystery and cryptic clues. As the lies that built Everbeach unravel, the friends face unexpected attractions and question their own realities. "A Stolen Voice" takes you on a thrilling adventure in Jamaica, where Aarya and Dawn must confront their culture and faith while battling against Jamaican voodoo and uncovering dangerous secrets. In "A Deadly Sleep," Dawn and Elle join forces to unravel a dark enterprise, risking their lives and unearthing shocking revelations. With threats and a mysterious stalker, they must expose the evil plaguing Everbeach. Finally, in "The Clock Strikes," every lie and secret comes to light as the friends race against time to save a life and uncover a sordid money-making scheme. They must navigate high society, challenging relationships, and a shocking family secret.