Exmoor Tales – Autumn: A Personal Journal of Life on Exmoor
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A collection of true tales of life living on Exmoor, accompanied by over 60 full and half page colour photographs of the landscapes and wildlife of Exmoor.
Exmoor Tales is a circular series of four books. You can start anywhere and read through them all or just dip into them from time to time for a flavour of life on Exmoor.
Ellie Keepers began this collection of detailed journal entries as a gift for her grandchildren, but we firmly believe they deserve to be shared to a wider audience, along with her stunning photographs of the landscape and wildlife to be found right on her doorstep.
In this book, Ellie shows us around her Exmoor cottage, takes us to watch rutting deer, brings us on autumn strolls through all weathers, and guides us safely home; all from the comfort of our favourite reading nook.