Finding God’s Goodness
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Finding God’s Goodness by Mary-Eisa Yee

Growing up in a small New England community, Mary-Eisa’s childhood love of nature and walking in the woods continues with this moving narrative. A child who permanently lost her father and sister through her parents’ divorce chronicles her family's emotional vulnerabilities that saddened and impacted her life. Through her Thoreauvian-inspired morning walks, she retells the story of her life that deepens the meaning of our identity, purpose, and sense of belonging—an astonishing and inspiring journey of faith, prayer, meditation, and forgiveness. Even as we navigate our wonderings about faith added to life’s constant demands, can we learn the importance of quiet moments of prayer to our life and world? This author's curiosity about nature and the experience of life embraces her contemplative and spiritual wisdom and leads us into her quiet place in life, filled with prayer, family, and joy. This warm and loving account builds on our determination and faith to find the Goodness in life through God’s mysterious, loving presence that is created for us all. A treasure trove of beautiful prayers is included to fill your heart and soul to inspire God's Bliss and love in our every day.