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FIVE by Jeremy Pratte

Wyatt Henderson, an overconfident strategist, thought he had his whole life planned out, but he never expected to suddenly be the savior of an entire planet. Then came the fateful day he woke up in a room with four strangers: Alice, a linguist with crippling anxiety; Chloe, a secretive musician/fighter who doesn’t play well with others; Jamar, a jocular scientist lacking social skills; and Chase, a thief bogged down by self-doubt. Hosted by an advanced alien race, this motley crew will need to put aside their differences, overcome their issues, and somehow work together using each of their unique talents to win a dangerous Contest - against other alien teams - for the future of Earth. But their biggest obstacle in their endeavor is a mysterious serial killer who threatens not only their efforts but their very lives! With numerous dangers, infighting, and a possible betrayal, will the humans overcome these obstacles, win the Contest, and save Earth? Or will they return home empty-handed? Or will they return home at all?