Foreign to Me : Journey of a Dark Shaman (Journey of a Dark Shaman Trilogy Book 1)
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Jack Daw finally had it with his pointless, go-nowhere existence. His life was useless, just as people had told him many times. It seemed with him being queer and having a disfigured face, life was stacked against him. He was a freak in every way. And then it got so much worst when he was diagnosed with a crippling neurological movement disorder. Nearing 40 years old, Jack could see his life slipping away. After an awful day at work where his boss sexually assaulted him, Jack decided he would get the hell off Vancouver Island and drive into the remote reaches of British Columbia. Nothing else mattered. He had to escape. But what Jack didn’t know when he left was what he would discover on the other side. Encountering his past as a sex worker, Jack finds a way through his crippling neurological storms to discover the truth that while you cannot escape your mind and a failing body, you can escape any sense that something should be different than it is.