From God’s Heart to My Heart to Yours
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Are you facing trials in your life that you don’t know how to navigate? As you confront these “deep waters,” do you find your heart calling out for truth? Shirley Bertholf has responded to this call by way of her own “excursion into God’s Word.” The aptly named From God’s Heart To My Heart To Yours offers you the opportunity to not only be touched, but engaged and transformed by God’s truth, above and beyond the prevailing views of Him. Devotionals for each day of the calendar year give you the opportunity to explore deep and abiding questions intended to reignite the flame of your faith. Unlike other devotional texts, Shirley not only gives you her personal reflection on the Biblical passages she chooses, but leaves you with pointed questions and prayers which beseech you to take up a deeper relationship with the Lord. You are guided toward a dialogue with God, in which you can be challenged, inspired, and ultimately changed. In the pages of this book, you’ll discover:Deep and abiding pillars of faith that will uphold and sustain you through the triumphs and trials of your life A community of prayer An awareness that you have been chosen by God and are deeply and unconditionally loved by Him. A personal and richly satisfying relationship with God, through His Son Jesus Christ, that runs deeper than a religious lifestyle or an inherited value system Let From God’s Heart to My Heart to Yours help you to renew this relationship and guide you, day by day, toward a faith that isn’t merely avowed but lived.