From Red To Black 2: Another True Turnaround Story on How A Manufacturing Company Went from Red to Black
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“And Now You Know…The Rest of the Story!” Robert “Bob” Curry returns with another business turnaround story about a manufacturing company, Utah Offroad Manufacturing, owned by a husband and wife. They were over their heads when it came to managing a $3 million offroad manufacturing company. Due to their complete lack of business knowledge and experience, the company was not profitable. Bob Curry’s initial consulting engagement was to help them find a buyer and negotiate the sale of their company. However, the company was in such poor condition, he could not in good faith sit down at a settlement table with an interested buyer and negotiate the sale. By first reorganizing their shop’s layout and appropriately staffing their business, Bob was able to help this couple turn their business around and eventually seal the deal. Also, he taught the owners how to portray themselves and embody the success they desired. This fourth book in Bob Curry’s Losses to Profits series features Bob’s first client in twenty-five years and he questioned whether or not this company could be turned around. The owners were so overwhelmed, they simply wanted to sell and walk away. In spite of all the challenges, though, Bob set another company on the road to success and helped them navigate their business From Red to Black.