Ghostly Gossip
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Ghostly Gossip by Nellie Steele

She lost her parents, but gained a grandmother, but is something more sinister lurking in the shadows. Uprooted from her life, Carly Ravenspell is forced to move to Thornwood Estate with an enigmatic grandmother she never knew. When the grieving teen arrives, she finds an unexpected solace in the woman and the stories she shares. As Carly delves deeper into the tale surrounding Maple Mansion, a house where spirits roam free, she begins to forge a bond, not only with her grandmother, but with history’s mysteries and the allure of the supernatural. Plunged into spectral stories that span centuries, will Carly discover the secrets hidden in the manor as well as the ones hidden in plain sight? If you love feisty heroines, the special bond between a grandmother and granddaughter, and unraveling haunting mysteries, you’ll love Ghostly Gossip, book 1 of Nellie H. Steele’s captivating new cozy mystery series.