God, Gravity and the Grand Design: Einstein’s Mindblowing Mistake
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WHAT IF HOW PHYSICISTS VIEW OUR UNIVERSE, THE LAWS OF SCIENCE THAT SERVE AS THE FOUNDATION FOR OUR UNDERSTANDING AND THE ORIGINS OF OUR VERY EXISTENCE, ARE ALL COMPLETELY MISSING SOMETHING IMPORTANT? In physics, the holy grail is a unified theory that explains how our universe works, unites all the major forces driving our universe, and eliminates the contradictions involving quantum mechanics and relativity. Tom James, in this groundbreaking work, rigorously dissects reality in a way that has never been seen before that challenges current accepted theory. He presents a new, unifying view of our universe based on objects in motion alone—one that identifies an entire realm of things that were missed by the best and brightest. In God, Gravity, and the Grand Design: Einstein’s Mind-Blowing Mistake, readers will discover: •How geniuses, like Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking, can be incorrect even if the math matches reality; •A view of gravity using Newton's Laws of Motion that is so astonishing in design that it is nothing more or less than a miracle of divine engineering; •Evidence for the existence of God and one theory of how God came to exist in the first place; •The key to colonization beyond this planet; and •The importance of love.